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Beginning Conversational Spanish

Adult Programs / Professional Development -
Adult Online Professional & Personal Development Spring-Summer 2022

Designed for beginners, you will be speaking and reading Spanish in no time. Practice the basic building blocks of the language and common idiomatic expressions. Gain enough vocabulary and grammar for simple conversations, and learn how to ask and answer questions. 

Class Details

Unit 1: The Alphabet: Vowels and Consonants
  • Ser and Estar
  • How to Ask Questions
  • Vocabulary
Unit 2: Colors, Countries and Numbers
  • Colors
  • Countries and Nationalities
  • Numbers
Unit 3: More Vocabulary
  • Telling Time
  • The Calendar
  • More Vocabulary
Unit 4: Expressions
  • Tener: To have
  • Vocabulary and expressions with tener
  • Estar: To Be
Unit 5: Conjugation
  • Conjugation of Regular Verbs
  • AR Verbs
  • ER Verbs
  • IR Verbs
Unit 6: Irregular Verbs
  • Hay
  • Irregular Verbs Present Tense
  • Stem-Changing Verbs
Unit 7: The Near Future
  • The Near Future
  • Vocabulary
Unit 8: Present Progressive
  • More Ar Verbs
  • Vocabulary
  • Present Progressive

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Cristina Sempé

LERN Instructor

Cristina Sempé specializes in teaching her native language to adults, having taught more than 35 years at community colleges, community education programs, and for Cleveland City Schools’ adult education. She has designed effective Spanish lessons for a variety of groups with needs ranging from casual travel to professional development. Her specialized courses have been used in the private sector and in non-profit organizations to enhance employee interactions with Spanish-speaking employees, customers and clients. In addition to teaching, Ms. Sémpé is also a certified translator, having translated technical documents from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

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  Learning Resources Network, Inc , Cristina Sempé

Virtual Class
Sun-Sat, Jun 6 - Jul 29
12:01 - 11:59 AM


Min Age   16 yr.

$ 290.00
single class

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