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Designing Online Instruction

Adult Programs / Professional Development -
Adult Online Professional & Personal Development Fall 2022

Learn how to develop a web course, the principals behind the adoption of technology innovation, and the nature of the online learning environment. Get tips for planning your online course, identifying resources and design guidelines. Discuss the phases of design and development, motivating student-to-student interaction and how to manage it. Get the latest information on copyright issues, assessment and evaluation.

This course can be taken alone or as part of the 3 course Certificate in Online Teaching. 


Unit 1: Overview of the Online Instructional Environment
  • Internet basics
  • Principles behind the adoption of technology innovation
  • The nature of the online learning environment
Unit 2: Envisioning Your Online Course
  • Types of web courses
  • Preparing for the move to the Web
  • Analyzing your current course
  • Planning your web course
  • Identifying resources
  • Design guidelines
Unit 3: Developing a Web course
  • Team vs. Individual approach to development
  • Phases of design and development
  • Models of web courses
Unit 4: Online Interaction
  • Online collaboration
  • Creating an interactive environment
  • Motivating student-student interaction
  • Managing interaction
Unit 5: Issues in the Web Environment
  • Managing email
  • Facilitating discussions
  • Class size
  • Copyright

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Sun-Sat, Oct 3 - Oct 28
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Min Age   16 yr.

$ 195.00
single course

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