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Adventure Center Programs

The Adventure Center program provides before and after school programming on school days for students in preschool (3-5 years) through fifth grade. Non school day programming is available for students in grades K-5.  

Preschool aged students are eligible to attend the summer school age program prior to attending Kindergarten if they are registered in Kindergarten. Students will be mostly grouped with like age students.

Children must be mostly toilet trained and independent in the bathroom. 

Locations: Cambridge Intermediate Primary school (School year, non school days, Summer)

Isanti Primary School (School year only)

Isanti Intermediate school (School year and afterschool only)

School age attendance days: Monday-Friday 6:00 am-school start time and school end time to 6:00 pm, Non School days: 6:00 am-6:00 pm

Preschool attendance days (3 yrs-Pre K): Monday-Friday 6:00 am to start of morning and full day preschool and end of afternoon and full day preschool-6:00 pm.   Closed on Non school days and Summer. 

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Jump to: 2023-2024 School year (3 yrs-Pre K) 2023-2024 School year (K-5)

2023-2024 School year (3 yrs-Pre K)

2023-2024 School year (K-5)