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Drivers Education
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About Drivers Education

C-I Community offers Drivers Education Classes to students helping them become safe and licensed drivers.

Below you will find some important links for Drivers Education:

Steps to Become a Licensed Driver

Drivers Ed Agreement

Supervised Driving Log

Schedule a Knowledge or Road Test

Visit the MN Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Page for more information

Featured Courses

  • Driver's Education Classroom Session

    We offer classroom and behind-the-wheel driving instruction that is required to become a licensed driver in the state of MN through a curriculum designed by professional educators and taught by licensed teachers. The State of Minnesota requires potential drivers under the age of 18 to complete and pass a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction. Need to miss a class? A make up date will be offered for each class, date to be determined. Driver Education follows the same learning model as Cambridge-Isanti High School. When the High School is in: Distance Learning - Drivers Education is online only Hybrid Learning - Students attend online when at home and in-person at Cambridge-Isanti High School when at school Full In-School Learning - Students attend in person at Cambridge-Isanti High School Please add students cell number( if applicable) and email address/addresses to your online account when registering. New! Due to COVID-19 and the limited avialibility of DMV testing sites, it’s hard to find a place to take your proctored Learner’s Permit Test. Cambridge-Isanti Schools will offer this for $9/student ($5 for C-I students who qualify for the 2020/2021 Federal free/reduced lunch program) after the end of each Classroom session.