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Revenue Generation for Nonprofits

Adult Programs / Professional Development -
Adult Online Professional & Personal Development Spring/Summer 2024

Build revenue streams for your non-profit organization. Discover how to increase revenue from your current activities. Develop strategies for building new ones. Know how to effectively set prices or fees. Understand the 20% that generates 80% of your revenue. These basic concepts yield greater results.

This course can be taken alone or as part of the 2 course Certificate in Nonprofit Administration.

Class Details

Unit 1: Introduction to Revenue Generation
  • Setting and using revenue generation benchmarks
  • Determining annual objectives
  • How to best use this course information
Unit 2: Understanding Your Audience
  • The benefits of knowing your audience better
  • What to ask your audience
  • How to get the best information
  • Collecting and using the best data
  • Where to find the new ideas
Unit 3: Developing Programs and Services
  • The right questions for the best success
  • Natural life cycles of programs and services
  • Determining which ones to continue
  • Creating successful new programs and services
Unit 4: Analyzing Programs and Services
  • Analyzing the past performance
  • Determining future productivity
  • Analysis tools
  • Simple analysis technique
Unit 5: Setting the Right Price
  • How price affects attendance
  • Price breaks that determine the price to set
  • Setting the best price
  • Pricing strategies
Unit 6: Marketing Effectively
  • Building your identify
  • Developing market segments
  • Determining who to market to
Unit 7: Developing Promotions
  • Making promotions that work
  • Creating the best layouts
  • Making promotions that sell
Unit 8: Distributing Promotions
  • Print, social media, and eMarketing techniques
  • Knowing what promotions work
  • The most effective promotion methods

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Myia Welsh

LERN Instructor

Myia Welsh, MSW, has over 12 years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. As an evaluation consultant, she works with nonprofits and foundations to evaluate what differences programs are making, to help them understand how programs can be improved, and to provide training for organizations that are interested in increasing their evaluation capacity. Some of her clients have included the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, Migrant Clinicians Network, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Myia holds a Master of Social Work Degree with a concentration in Social Policy and Program Evaluation from the University of Michigan.

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Virtual Class
Sun-Sat, Jun 3 - Jul 26
12:01 - 11:59 AM


$ 495.00
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